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Welcome to Privit Profile!

John Lindell Ice Arena - Royal Oak has partnered with PRIVIT®, a 
Columbus based company, to automate the process for the management and collection of health forms required for hockey participation. 

Here is a brief overview of instructions to athletes, parents and/or guardians on completing the Privit Profile process. The information can be completed on your mobile device, laptop, tablet or any device connected to the internet.

Steps to complete within Privit Profile™:

  1. Register an account in parents name here:
    • If your family has one parent who is a COACH and the other who is a MANAGER, one will need to create a separate account from the family in order to not be deemed a dependent by the account infrastructure.
  2. Add athlete(s) to your account
  3. Click Athlete's Name to complete all relevant athlete information
  4. Apply parent electronic signature
    • Consent to Treat / Medical History
    • Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct
    • Participant Code of Conduct
    • MAHA Concussion Education
  5. Apply athlete electronic signature
  6. Don't forget to JOIN A TEAM for your athlete here!

Once the required information has been completed and e-signatures have been applied to the necessary forms, the signed document will become available automatically for the appropriate staff member for review and approval.

Please CLICK HERE for detailed instructions for each step listed above.

If you need assistance with Privit Profile™, please contact the Help Center at 844-234-4357 or visit