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      Schedule of Events

      Thu 4/24 Fri 4/25 Sat 4/26 Sun 4/27 Mon 4/28

      Open Skate
      12:15pm EST

      Sticks & Pucks
      3:30pm EDT

      Drop-In Hockey 18+
      11:30am EDT

      Drop-In Hockey 18+
      10:00pm EDT

      Drop-In Hockey Adult 18+
      8:30pm EDT

      no events

      Adult Open Skate
      10:45am EDT

      Sticks & Pucks
      11:30am EDT

      Open Skate
      12:15pm EST


      Suburban Sports Group and ROHA Building Youth Hockey Together

      Attention ROHA Participants:

      On behalf on ROHA and Suburban Sports Group, we would like to officially announce that the two groups will now be working together to deliver the best hockey experience for everyone involved at Royal Oak Ice Arena.

      As the hockey world is constantly evolving, it is crucial that hockey in Royal Oak keeps up with the game.  By ROHA and Suburban joining together, more attention can be focused in key areas to produce a successful, fun, and beneficial hockey environment.  As a result, Royal Oak will be able to offer a facility that will help develop, educate, and grow the game in our hockey players.

      The following changes have been made to ensure success in the future at Royal Oak:

      • Suburban will be handling all registration for Youth Hockey.  Registration will be open in April for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2014-2015 hockey season.
      • Scheduling for ice times and games will be handled by Suburban. The schedule will be released in two parts: Part One will have the ice times and games available for all months through the conclusion of 2014.  Part Two will be released in November, which will have the remainder of the season scheduled for the conclusion of the 2014-2015 hockey season. Note: Playoff schedule will be released at the conclusion of the 2014-2015 regular season. 
      • ROHA will continue to have appointed members in charge of each division to ensure a well-balanced, competitive environment.
      • Suburban will aid ROHA coaches and volunteers in building their knowledge of the sport of hockey.  Coaches meetings will be held in order to discuss proper teaching points, emphasis on core fundamentals, and effective lesson/practice plans.
      • ROHA will form teams by holding a draft at the beginning of each hockey season.
      • Suburban will oversee the marketing and communication of important news and upcoming events to the ROHA community.
      • A new payment plan will be put into place at the start of the 2014-2015 season. This will offer youth hockey at an affordable cost, through having a structured payment plan that will allow families a consistent monthly payment.

      Suburban is looking forward to working with ROHA to not only make it a better experience for our current members, but to reach out and grow the game of hockey for years to come. 

      Contact Us:

      John Lindell – Royal Oak

      1403 Lexington Blvd.

      Royal Oak, MI 48073

      Phone: 248-246-3950

      Front Office Staff