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Suburban Sports Group Rinks

Freestyle Program

Freestyle Program

2018 Winter/Spring Ice Contract and Schedule

Contract and Drop In Prices

Contract Prices:

$10 Primetime Session
$4.00 Weekday Morning Session

Drop In Prices:

$13 Primetime Session
$6 Weekday Morning Session

(Half hour sessions during the regular season only)

Drop In Cards:

$60 for 5 Primetime Sessions

*Checks payable to City of Royal Oak


General Rules

• All skaters must have a USFS membership during the Summer Freestyle Program and USFS membership through NEFSC during the Skating Season Freestyle Program

• Skaters must sign in with the monitor / front office before taking the ice for the day and must notify the monitor / front office if not taking the ice

• Skaters must use the lockers rooms A or C when putting on skates

• Locker rooms and other areas around the arena are to be left clean and all debris picked up and put in trash containers

• Absolutely no eating, drinking or gum chewing on the ice with the exception of water bottles

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at (248) 246-3950 for more information or if you have any questions.